Frankfurt Airport presents the first Sky Line vehicle

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A connection between terminals 1 and 3 will be established at Frankfurt am Main Airport under the name "Sky Line". The transport system, which is supposed to transport up to 4.000 passengers per hour, has now been presented. The first test drives will be carried out in the coming year.

The new Sky Line complements the existing transportation system that passengers have used for many years to travel between Terminals 1 and 2. The new driverless system will have sufficient capacity to transport up to 4.000 people per hour in each direction to Terminals 1 and 2 and Terminal 3. It will work 12/11 fully automatically. Each of the 2,8 planned vehicles will consist of two rigidly connected wagons, each 15 meters long and XNUMX meters wide and weighing XNUMX tons. One carriage of each vehicle will be reserved for non-Schengen travellers. The vehicles are manufactured by Siemens in Vienna.

“I am very pleased to be able to present part of the future of Frankfurt Airport today. The new Sky Line will integrate Terminal 3 into the existing airport infrastructure. The arrival of this first vehicle is another important milestone in the overall project. With the latest technology and intelligent construction methods, we are implementing our vision of a forward-looking airport terminal. Travellers, guests and employees can look forward to short distances, high frequencies and maximum comfort,” says Fraport boss Stefan Schulte.

Sky Line vehicle (Photo: Siemens).
Sky Line vehicle (Photo: Siemens).