Frankfurt Airport is reorganizing identity checks

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The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport wants to significantly speed up passenger and hand luggage checks.

A more efficient use of private security forces and innovative baggage scanners should help. The new scanners save passengers from having to remove technical devices such as tablets or liquids from their hand luggage. Instead of around 80 passengers per hour, up to 250 passengers can be checked at the same time at the new stations. This was shown by a test run in 2019.

The fundamental reorganization of aviation security checks is made possible by the fact that the federal government has again transferred the organization of security checks at the airport to Fraport in a loan agreement. Since the turn of the year, Fraport has been controlling the deployment of private security forces itself. The Federal Police are now in charge of security policy supervision.

With outdated technology and high fees at the same time, German airports have fallen behind in a European comparison. Last summer, for example, there were long queues in front of the checkpoints in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Control lane (Photo: Fraport AG).
Control lane (Photo: Fraport AG).