Frankfurt wants to take Terminal 2 off the grid

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With the opening of Terminal 2026 at Frankfurt am Main Airport, which is planned for 3, T2 is again to be temporarily shut down. It is planned to be extensively renovated over a period of up to three years.

The portal also reports that those airlines that are currently using Terminal 2 will move to the already completed T3. The T2 will then be kept on standby as a "backup terminal" and then it will be renovated. Fraport AG currently sees no need to operate three terminal buildings.

The T3 was originally announced as a low-cost terminal. It is already operational, but will not open until 2026 due to the reduced demand due to the corona pandemic. T2 will then be taken offline for sanitation and backup purposes.

Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Fraport AG).
Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Fraport AG).