HAM expects up to 300.000 passengers over the bank holidays

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At the end of the year, Hamburg Airport is still expecting fewer passengers than before the pandemic – but the terminals are still getting full.

Around 280.000 passengers and around 2.200 flight movements are expected from December 23rd to January 2nd. December 23rd is supposed to be the busiest day with 30.000 passengers. For comparison: On December 23, 2019, around 36.000 passengers landed in or departed from Hamburg. The airport announced that 25 capital cities across Europe would be served from Hamburg. Majorca, the Canary Islands, but also Egypt and Turkey are particularly in demand this winter. Shops in the public area of ​​the airport will remain open on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and there will be a Christmas and New Year's service in the prayer room in Terminal 1.

Terminal in Hamburg (Photo: Hamburg Airport).
Terminal in Hamburg (Photo: Hamburg Airport).