Hanover: Tuifly takes on Kittilä and Arvidsjaur

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In the 2023/24 winter flight schedule, the German airline Tuifly will also offer the destinations Kittilä and Arvidsjaur from Hanover. These will be served up to twice a week between the beginning of December 2023 and the end of February 2024. These are charter flights that cannot be booked by the general public.

With a few exceptions, the two destinations are served together. Depending on the date, there will be a stopover in Arvidsjaur or Kittilä. Between March 1 and March 15, 2023, Arvidsjaur will be served non-stop again, although the Kittilä destination will then no longer be served.

These flights cannot be booked via Tui or Tuifly. These are charter flights on behalf of the automotive industry. Package tours and/or individual tickets are therefore not offered by the Tui Group.

Boeing 737-800 (Photo: Milad A380).
Boeing 737-800 (Photo: Milad A380).