Hydrogen test project at Brussels Airport: Focus on the future of ground handling

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Brussels Airport is currently running a pioneering hydrogen pilot for ground handling in collaboration with project partners VIL and DHL. The aim is to evaluate the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for ground vehicles and to gain insights into its efficiency and applicability. This project, part of the Stargate EU Green Deal, includes the installation of a mobile hydrogen refuelling station and the use of a hydrogen-powered Mulag tow truck for cargo transport.

The mobile filling station, recently installed on the runway, enables the hydrogen-powered Mulag towing machine to be refueled directly on site. The pilot project is scheduled to run for six weeks and will serve as a model for other airports to gain insights into safety standards, operating procedures and the feasibility of hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen vehicles offer the advantage of fast refueling compared to conventional solutions such as electric vehicles and significantly reduce both CO2 and noise emissions. This is a significant step towards a more sustainable aviation industry, showing potential for wider implementation of hydrogen technology in airport environments.

Hydrogen refueling (photo: Brussels Airport).
Hydrogen refueling (photo: Brussels Airport).