Imprint according to § 24 MedienG:

The Aviation.Direct portal is operated by:
Office Park 3PB 30
1300 Vienna Airport
Legal form: Association
ZVR: 1495891794
UID number: ATU76173668
and Owner, editor, publisher and producer within the meaning of § 24 MedienG. Publishing and manufacturing location is Qawra SPB 2400, Malta.
Phone: + 43262621105-0
Telefax: +43262621105-300
Email: [email protected]

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Disclosure according to § 25 MedienG:

Editorial policy according to § 25 Abs. 4 MedienG:

Aviation.Direct is a specialist medium for aviation, travel and tourism that is published on the Internet under the URL The focus of the reporting is on commercial aviation, general aviation and related political developments and events as well as tourism-relevant topics and general information and news that appear appealing and useful for the industry and interested people alike. Aviation.Direct is an independent specialist medium operated by an independent Austrian association. There is no dependency on any company, person, political party or other third person, regardless of whether this is legal or natural. Aviation.Direct is committed to the code of honor of the Austrian press and speaks out clearly against discrimination and especially racism.

Mandatory information according to § 25 Paragraph 1 ff. MedienG:

Media owner, publisher. Publisher and manufacturer: Aviation.Direct
Mailing address: Office Park 3 P.O. Box 30, 1300 Vienna Airport, Austria
Legal form: Association
ZVR number: 1495891794
UID number: ATU76173668
Association authority: State Police Directorate Lower Austria
Jurisdiction: Korneuburg Regional Court
Organ representatives: Michael David, Granit Pireci, Jan Gruber; can be reached via the mailing address of the association.
Purpose of the association according to statute: “The association, whose activities are non-partisan, non-profit-making and in all respects non-profit, aims to practice sport in recognized sports, to promote freedom of the press and the media, to use them in a way that is bound to ascertain the truth and correctness, as well as through lectures and events and publications to further educate the general public and thus to strengthen their individual skills in sport and in dealing with organizations, media, the Internet and cost traps in everyday life, as well as promoting and supporting the professional orientation of young people and job seekers as well as their further education. The association is not aimed at profit. The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 34 ff BAO. "
Statute of the association: Download as PDF
Publishing and production location: Qawra SPB 2400, Malta
Phone: + 43262621105-0
Telefax: +43262621105-300
Email: [email protected]


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