Kuusamo Airport closes for rehabilitation purposes

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Kuusamo Airport will be temporarily closed from July 17 to August 15, 2023 due to renovation work. The flight offer will be partially suspended and partially relocated to other airports.

During the summer, the airport company Finavia will renew the lighting system on the runway at Kuusamo Airport and redesign the apron and taxiway. Due to ongoing repair work, there will be a month-long disruption in air traffic to and from Kuusamo Airport from mid-July to mid-August.

"By expanding the infrastructure of the airport, we can ensure safe and smooth traffic, which also supports the Christmas and winter travel traffic, which is important for tourism in Kuusamo. We are investing a significant amount, a total of 2,5 million euros, in the renovation of Kuusamo Airport,” says Jonna Pietilä, Vice President of Lapland Airports at Finavia.

Kuusamo Airport (Photo: Otto Karikoski).
Kuusamo Airport (Photo: Otto Karikoski).