Lufthansa Group is looking for 20.000 employees

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The Lufthansa Group is looking for 20.000 new employees across the Group. These are sought in a total of 45 different professional groups. An advertising campaign will start on Monday to draw attention to employment opportunities.

During the corona pandemic, the Kranich Group laid off an enormous number of employees. As a rule, this happened via "golden handshakes" or other incentives. In individual cases there were also redundancies for operational reasons. CEO Carsten Spohr had to admit a few months ago that too many employees had been laid off.

Lufthansa recently introduced an internal bonus program. This is intended to financially reward its own employees for mediated new hires. The acute shortage of staff became very visible in the summer of 2022, because almost all group members had to cut their flight schedules, some of them drastically.

Embraer 190 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Embraer 190 (Photo: Jan Gruber).