MUC: Climate activists disrupt flight operations only slightly, there were no flight cancellations

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After climate activists stuck themselves on a taxiway near the northern runway at Munich Airport yesterday morning, flight operations on this runway were suspended for around 45 minutes.

The police and security forces were quickly on site and were able to remove the activists from the taxiway in a short time. Affected machines were therefore able to switch to the southern runway. There were therefore no cancellations and no significant delays. The closure of the northern runway was lifted at 9:59 a.m. An attempted intrusion in the area of ​​the southern runway could be prevented, as reported by the airport in a broadcast. A similar action took place at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. According to the airport company, the blockade had no impact on flight operations.

Lufthansa at Munich Airport (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Lufthansa at Munich Airport (Photo: Robert Spohr).