Munich: Siko breakdown caused the T2 to be temporarily blocked

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On Sunday, November 27, 2022, six flights had to be canceled at Munich Airport. The background is that there was a breakdown at the security check in Terminal 2, so that travelers and their hand luggage had to be checked again.

According to a spokesman for the federal police, a piece of luggage was accidentally not checked. This has almost "slipped through". Terminal 2 was temporarily closed for security reasons. The police were able to quickly locate the passenger concerned and then he and his hand luggage were checked carefully. Then the all-clear could be given.

There is no indication that the passenger concerned acted intentionally. Rather, it appears to have been a mere oversight. Nevertheless, flight operations had to be suspended for around an hour. As a result, six departures had to be cancelled.

Terminal 2 at Munich Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Terminal 2 at Munich Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).