New service in hotels: hiking concierges

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Which tour suits my fitness level? How is the mountain weather today? And is the hut already open for contemplation? A successful mountain tour requires planning and preparation. In the hiking hotels, in addition to the hiking hoteliers themselves, there are now more tour tipsters and outdoor activity advisors in every hotel: the hiking hotels hiking concierges.

Anyone who thinks that anyone can hike is wrong. Theoretically that's true, but practically only to a limited extent. Especially in mountain regions that you don't know like the back of your hand, 'just going for it' can be dangerous. Reading hiking maps correctly, analyzing mountain weather and choosing the right equipment for the tour are essential skills and preliminary considerations so that a hike becomes a wow mountain experience. So there is a lot to clarify in advance: Is the hiking trail open? Which route to the summit is the first to be snow-free in spring? Is the mountain weather kind to hikers? What footwear do I need? Are my physical condition and the selected tour compatible?

The safest way to travel in the mountains is with a (mountain) hiking guide. They know every stone and every peak, know about the dangers that lurk behind the rugged rock faces and also pay attention to the well-being of their hiking protégés. The hiking guides make all the preparations in advance. Co-hikers don't have to do anything other than put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the foray into nature.

But if you prefer to explore the mountain world of the holiday resort individually, you should think about planning the tour in advance so that it is a fun hike. In the Alps in particular, with high peaks, rapid changes in the weather and a diverse network of trails, even experienced hikers and mountaineers are well advised to consult with local mountain experts before setting out on a tour.

In the 58 best alpine hiking hotels, these same experts are now the hiking hotel hiking concierges. Several times a week they are available to hotel guests exclusively and free of charge with expert advice. As connoisseurs of the region, they know exactly which hike they recommend today, what there is to consider along the way and what interesting things to see, which tour is particularly beautiful after a rainy day or - even more importantly - which one is too dangerous and where to get the best Kaiserschmarrn , which adequately rewards the strenuous ascent. They know the opening times of huts and mountain railways, can analyze the mountain weather and not only read hiking maps, but also explain them. They know the best spot for the obligatory Instagram photo, but also secret places and paths off the tourist track and have plenty of insider tips ready. Are they real insiders with heart, mind and expertise. From A for equipment rental to Z for time management, the Wanderhotels hiking concierges are individual tour tip experts, personal time-out advisors and competent contacts for all questions about hikes and outdoor activities relating to the respective hotel.

Frienisberg (Photo: Bern Welcome AG).
Frienisberg (Photo: Bern Welcome AG).