Norse Atlantic: So far only New York from BER has been confirmed

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So far, Norse Atlantic has only confirmed the Berlin-New York-JFK route for the next summer flight schedule and released it for booking. Whether more will follow remains to be seen.

The Norwegian low-cost airline took off from Berlin's capital airport for the first time this year and served several destinations in the United States. But the demand left a lot to be desired and never reached the desired level. As a result, the flight plan was quickly shut down again due to the insufficient capacity utilization and some routes were cancelled. This is also the reason why there is currently a question mark behind several US flights from BER. The airline recently announced in a broadcast that it would only announce new routes in December and in the new year. There is only certainty about the flight connection to New York, but a closer look at it confirms the current trend: while the US metropolis was served daily from Berlin in the past summer season, there will only be four flights a week next year, according to touristik reports.

Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).
Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).