Nuremberg Airport celebrates its ranking as a beer metropolis

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There are always interesting and less interesting rankings and awards in the travel industry. Nuremberg has made it into the top 5 of the European "beer metropolises" in a recent selection. The airport seems to be so pleased about this that they have issued a press release.

In addition to Nuremberg and Dublin, the most recent ranking of the top beer destinations includes the cities of Munich, Prague and Brussels. Flights from Nuremberg to Dublin depart four times a week. For all beer fans, presents the five most beer-loving cities and raves in a press release about “the German beer brewing tradition in beautiful Nuremberg”. Beer tourists should try the unique red beer in particular. Not only for locals, but also for international guests who want to explore Nuremberg as a beer destination.

Alcohol (Photo: Unsplash/Yasin Arıbuğa).
Alcohol (Photo: Unsplash/Yasin Arıbuğa).