Paderborn back in the black and extended with Hüser

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The German airport Paderborn will continue to be managed by Roland Hüser. The manager has been at the helm of the airport since July 1, 2021. At the most recent shareholders' meeting, the contract was extended until the end of 2028.

During the corona pandemic, Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport had to resort to insolvency proceedings. In the meantime, there are again around half a million passengers per year. By 2025, there should be 800.000 travelers a year.

The formerly crisis-ridden airport has also managed to break even. The 2022 financial year ended with a plus of 462.500 euros. The Supervisory Board sees this as a great success, also in view of the years of losses and the insolvency proceedings that have now been completed, as well as the corona pandemic.

Paderborn Airport (Photo: Paderborn Airport).
Paderborn Airport (Photo: Paderborn Airport).