Qantas: Seventh A380 returns after modernization

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The Australian airline will shortly be returning its seventh superjumbo to service.

The plane left Abu Dhabi and returned to Sydney, according to the Australian Aviation portal. The Qantas Airbus A380 with the registration VH-OQL had been equipped with a new cabin in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Since then he has been doing test flights.

The airline originally owned twelve A380s, one of which has already been scrapped. Earlier, Qantas has reinstated Airbus A380s with registration numbers VH-OQB, VH-OQD, VH-OQH, VH-OQK, VH-OQJ and VH-OQG.

Airbus A380 (Photo: Pixabay).
Airbus A380 (Photo: Pixabay).