Rostock Airport and DLR agree on spaceport cooperation

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Rostock-Laage Airport and the German Aerospace Center have agreed on a cooperation for the expansion of the airport into a spaceport.

Both parties concluded a contract that regulates the cooperation and in particular the scientific-technical coordination and the coordinated implementation of related tasks in the evaluation of innovative technologies for the operation of a spaceport Rostock-Laage as a location for future space missions in Germany.

“We are very pleased that we have found the strongest possible cooperation savings partner in DLR. We will next begin to jointly identify and launch research activities and development projects. With this, we are now accelerating the development of the airport in the direction of spaceport,” says Zeitfracht board member Maren Wolters.

Rostock-Laage Airport (Photo: Marcus Sümnick).
Rostock-Laage Airport (Photo: Marcus Sümnick).