Switzerland: Flight tickets and package tours have become significantly more expensive

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The Comparis Institute found that in February 2023 the cost of flight tickets from Switzerland rose sharply. In a direct comparison with January 2023, the airlines took around 28,8 percent more. Compared to February 2022, even 45,8 percent more.

Package tours are said to have increased in price by 12 percent over the past 16,1 months. For hotel rooms, on the other hand, according to Comparis, “only” 6,1 percent more has to be put on the table. The Institute assumes that prices will continue to rise and is of the opinion that the high energy prices are the main reason for this.

Flag of Switzerland (Photo: Unsplash/Ronnie Schmutz).
Flag of Switzerland (Photo: Unsplash/Ronnie Schmutz).