Taskforce to solve Marabu problems

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The Condor sister company Marabu has hardly escaped the headlines since it started operations, because long delays, cancellations and a lack of care for the passengers affected are the order of the day. Now they want to take countermeasures and hope that the initial difficulties will soon be overcome.

The example of Marabu clearly shows that taking off with only one aircraft and ACMI services otherwise purchased from Heston, Nordica, Fly2Sky and other providers can lead to chaos in practice. A task force has now been set up. Nordica and the German sister company Condor are now to help ensure that Marabu has fewer delays and cancellations.

They have already started to straighten out the flight plan. For example, the Tallinn and Rome connections have been canceled without replacement. The routes to Egypt have also been “rectified”. This will give you more leeway. The fleet is to be further increased and additional ACMI capacity is to be leased.

Airbus A320neo (Photo: Nuremberg Airport/ Helmut Meier).
Airbus A320neo (Photo: Nuremberg Airport/ Helmut Meier).