The 1st Aviation Collectors Fair in Bratislava was a great success

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On Saturday, May 27, 2023, aviation enthusiasts and collectors from Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary met at the Business Centrum Zochova in Bratislava for the eagerly awaited 1st fair. Organized by Bratislava resident Aubrey Mathis, the event exceeded all expectations and marked an important milestone for aviation enthusiasts in the region.

Despite initial concerns, the aviation community showed overwhelming support for the event. Just a few minutes after the gates opened, visitors flocked to the fair in droves, demonstrating the great interest in aviation memorabilia and collectibles. From airplane models and safety cards to calendars and flight magazines, there was a wide range of items to browse, buy and swap.

The show featured an impressive range of collectibles including safety cards, postcards, models, posters, flight schedules and various other aviation memorabilia. The participants were pleased that the vendors were not only from Slovakia, but also from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary, which contributed to the international appeal of the event., a well-known aviation organization, was also present at the fair and offered a wide range of products related to aviation.

In addition to the lively market activity, visitors also had the opportunity to refresh themselves on site. The organizers made sure that visitors could enjoy a selection of snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Towards the end of the event, anticipation grew for the eagerly awaited raffle, with valuable prizes awaiting the lucky winners. The raffle provided added excitement and camaraderie, further enhancing the overall experience of the fair.

According to sellers and visitors, the first Bratislava Aviation Collectors Fair was an undeniable success. The overwhelmingly positive response from visitors underscores the growing interest and demand for aviation collectibles in the region. This remarkable success has cemented the belief that the fair will become a permanent fixture on Bratislava's events calendar and continue to delight aviation enthusiasts for years to come.

Aviation Collectors Fair Bratislava (Photo: ZVG Aubrey Mathis).
Aviation Collectors Fair Bratislava (Photo: ZVG Aubrey Mathis).