Tyrolean Tourism Forum: “Reutte on Ice” receives Tirol Touristica Award 2024

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At the 46th Tyrolean Tourism Forum in the Congress Park Igls yesterday, “Reutte on Ice” was awarded the Tirol Touristica Award 2024. The project, which includes the largest ice rink in western Austria, promotes gentle winter tourism and strengthens the regional community. The young talent award went to the “Stub” project, which was decided by a public vote. Gerhard Föger received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his many years of service to Tyrolean tourism.

The forum, which brought together around 400 guests, also offered an ideas competition for students for the first time, with the “Stub” project emerging as the winner. “Stub” invites guests to cook together with Tyrolean hosts and impressed the audience with its creative approach.

In his keynote speech, geneticist Markus Hengstschläger emphasized that human skills remain irreplaceable even in times of artificial intelligence, especially in areas with high interpersonal relevance.

In addition, Karin Seiler from Tirol Werbung informed about innovations such as price and booking monitoring and the new target group platform “T-Trip”, which enables tourism associations to carry out a thorough analysis of their guest types and develop a more effective marketing strategy. Seiler also highlighted Tyrol's potential in the e-gaming sector.

The Walderalm in the Karwendel Nature Park (Photo: hall-wattens.at/Dominic Ebenbichler).
The Walderalm in the Karwendel Nature Park (Photo: hall-wattens.at/Dominic Ebenbichler).