Verdi strike: Stuttgart also has to be off the grid

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After Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport also announced that flight operations would have to be suspended on Friday, February 17, 2023 due to the strike announced by the Verdi union.

162 scheduled flight movements are registered for Friday at the largest airport in Baden-Württemberg. About 20.000 passengers will be affected by the upcoming cancellations. The airport requests: ". Passengers and those collecting people are asked to contact the respective airline directly to find out about the status of their flight and not to come to the airport".

Only security landings, humanitarian aid flights and military traffic can use Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport on Friday. Hamburg too is now asking passengers not to come to the airport. Munich and Frankfurt will also suspend flight operations on Friday. Verdi calls three professional groups went on strike at seven German airports.

Stuttgart Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Stuttgart Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).