WKO and Vida agree on new AUA-KV

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The salaries of all flight attendants and pilots at Austrian Airlines (AUA) are to be increased by a total of around 2026 percent in three steps by January 20. In addition, the co-pilots' salaries will be increased by an additional 11 percent on average. This agreement was reached between the Vida union and the management of the AUA.

For the on-board staff, this means a significant salary increase above the inflation rate, explains Daniel Liebhart, chairman of the aviation department in the Vida union. Inflation over the entire term will be compensated accordingly. The union members should vote on the result in the coming days, emphasizes Liebhart, and the result is binding for the union.

In addition to the financial improvements, other benefits were also achieved for employees, such as a reduction in workload and improved protection against the loss of a flight license in the event of permanent unfitness to fly for medical reasons.

The three-year term meets a requirement of the employer and ensures planning security for the company, says Liebhart. This also ensures high-quality and reliable flight operations for passengers and enables them to book their flight tickets with Austrian Airlines without hesitation in the coming years.

Airbus A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Airbus A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).