Zurich Airport: 3D scanners are said to save time during checks

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Most people are outraged when liquids and electronic items have to be stolen from hand luggage for the purpose of a security check. However, security checks of this kind should soon be a thing of the past – thanks to the so-called Super Scanner. Zurich Airport is planning to revise the procedure for such controls.

During a trip, or before a trip, you know that the flight could take some time - be it due to security checks or flight delays. But the first problem should now be eliminated - by so-called super scanners. These make it possible to refrain from opening hand luggage during a screening process, meaning that in future it will no longer be necessary to remove laptops and liquids from hand luggage in order to be able to pass the control successfully.

As Frankfurt Airport was able to demonstrate in a test, this process saves a considerable amount of time. With the help of the new 3D scanners, you can clearly check per passenger per hour. According to various media reports, other airports are also planning to introduce this in the next few years. For example, ask most Spanish airports as well as the UK around.

Photo: Flughafen Zürich AG.
Photo: Flughafen Zürich AG.