Zurich: Swiss has launched free chat internet

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Since August 2, 2023, the airline Swiss has been offering free WiFi internet on long-haul flights. However, it is a basic variant in which only chat services such as WhatsApp should be possible.

There has been a trend for some time now that airlines are increasingly offering WiFi services free of charge. This is probably also due to the fact that many passengers, especially on short-haul routes, are not willing to pay the sometimes horrendous prices.

If you want to use more than just chat functions at Swiss, you still have to dig deep into your pocket on long-haul routes. CHF 25 is due for four hours and a flat rate of EUR 35 per flight. First Class and HON Circle members continue to get the unlimited version free of charge.

Boeing 777-300ER (Photo: V1Images.com/Aneesh Bapaye).
Boeing 777-300ER (Photo: V1Images.com/Aneesh Bapaye).