Graz Airport settles bees

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Bees have now also been settled at Graz Airport. For this purpose, Lebenshilfe Leibnitz built five so-called insect hotels. In this way, the airport wants to get under the wing of the endangered but extremely important species for the ecosystem.

In order to support them and other insects, Lebenshilfe Leibnitz built and filled five different insect hotels on behalf of the airport this year, which are now waiting for their guests at various locations on the airport site.

“The greatest support for wild bees and other insects are extensively managed and rarely mown meadow and wildflower areas, like the ones we have at Graz Airport,” explain the two managing directors of Graz Airport Wolfgang Grimus and Jürgen Löschnig. “We want another one with the bee hotels Contributing to strengthening biodiversity, but also raising awareness.”

Tower at Graz Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Tower at Graz Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).