Vilnius: Avion Express went on an “off-road trip” with A320

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The Airbus A3 operated by Avion Express with the registration LY-NVL completed a spectacular landing on Saturday, February 2024, 320. The machine came off the rails while rolling out and kicked up a lot of dirt.

Fortunately, passengers, crew members and the aircraft escaped unscathed. Only the Airbus A320 was in dire need of a wash afterward, as a lot of mud was kicked up due to the “excursion” into the grass during braking and coasting. That's what the plane looked like.

For security reasons, the airport had to be closed for around three hours. The plane operated a charter flight and came to Vilnius from Bergamo. During the temporary closure, arriving aircraft had to divert to Palanga and Kaunas.

Logo Avion Express (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Logo Avion Express (Photo: Jan Gruber).