Aida Cruises releases the winter program for booking a week earlier

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The new winter routes for 2023/24 can be booked from today. Until the end of April or the end of June 2023 (depending on the trip) there are advantages for early bookers.

Aida Cruises released the 2023/2024 winter program for booking a week earlier than originally announced today, Thursday. This was updated after the Aida Aura was phased out, which was announced for September. The new Aida fleet schedules cover over 250 ports of call in more than 80 countries, including the Caribbean, the Orient, Southeast Asia, the Canary Islands, the Seychelles and Northern Europe. A trip around the world can also be booked.

If you book at the premium rate, you can get an early bird plus discount of up to EUR 900 per person for winter departures 2023/24 if you book by April 30.04th. or 30.06.2023/1/2 (depending on the trip). The contingent is limited and applies to the 250st and XNUMXnd person in the cabin. Other advantages of the premium tariff include the choice of the cabin of your choice, the Aida Rail&Fly ticket valid throughout Germany, as well as two bottles of mineral water daily on board and a XNUMX MB Internet package.

Aidasol (Photo: AIDA Cruises/Felix Gänsicke).
Aidasol (Photo: AIDA Cruises/Felix Gänsicke).