Business class catering: Lufthansa abolishes “Tasting Heimat” again

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After just one year, Lufthansa intends to revise the business class catering concept on short and medium-haul flights that was only introduced last year. "Tasting Heimat" is to be abolished again, as it did not find the hoped-for appeal with the passengers.

Lufthansa is currently working on a new concept for the food and drinks that will be served in Business Class on short and medium-haul routes. “Tasting Heimat” should be a thing of the past. It has not yet been decided whether this will subsequently also include subsidiaries such as Austrian Airlines or not. The Frankfurtflyer portal reported, among other things, that the main reason for the discontinuation of "Tasting Heimat" at Lufthansa is that it was not well received by business class passengers.

Seat in a Lufthansa A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Seat in a Lufthansa A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).