With Dornier 328: Private Wings flies domestically for Lübeck Air

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The German airline Private Wings is currently operating a Dornier 328 on behalf of Air Alsie and thus Lübeck Air within Germany. The Lübeck-Stuttgart route is served by turboprop aircraft.

As a rule, Lübeck Air partner Air Alsie serves this route with larger ATR72s. A Dornier 328 from Private Wings is now temporarily in use. Formally, the turboprop aircraft flies on behalf of Air Alsie, Lübeck Air's contractual partner.

How long the Do328 will be in use between Lübeck and Stuttgart is still open. When asked, Lübeck Airport was unable to give a specific date for the duration of the wet lease operation.

Dornier 328 (Photo: Lübeck Air).
Dornier 328 (Photo: Lübeck Air).