Starting today: Night train with sleeping cars between Hamburg and Stockholm

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After 28 years there is again a night train with sleeping cars that runs daily between Hamburg and Stockholm.

After an interruption of 28 years, there will again be a direct night-time rail connection between Hamburg and Stockholm, equipped with seating, couchette and sleeping cars. The Swedish railway company SJ announced that the first train will leave Hamburg-Altona for Stockholm-Central tonight. From then on, the connection will be offered seven times a week in both directions, with a journey time of twelve hours. Although there has been a similar connection since last year, not all car types were offered, as reported by From 31.03. In 2023 the route will also be extended to Berlin and the train will stop at Hamburg Central Station instead of Altona.

The prices for the connection vary between 30 and 205 euros, depending on the class and the desired seating, couchette or sleeping car. There are also discounted rates for children, students and seniors. According to the information, the route to Berlin commissioned by the Swedish Transport Infrastructure Agency is initially planned until the end of September. Further offers from the Swedish railways on German railway routes are currently being negotiated.

Photo: Pixabay.
Photo: Pixabay.