Stuttgart: Trade fair and airport are merging fire brigades

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With effect from April 1, 2023, the fire brigade at Stuttgart Airport will also assume responsibility for the airport campus and the Stuttgart Exhibition Center. To this end, the two company fire brigades will be merged under the leadership of the airport.

“Safety is the top priority in aviation. We have a lot of traffic on the apron and many buildings with very different uses. A powerful and well-equipped fire brigade is indispensable for this. The new specifications for plant fire brigades increase the prescribed standards even further. Organizationally, tactically and financially, combining the fire protection of the airport and trade fair is the best way, so that the airport/trade fair campus grows even more together,” says airport director Ulrich Heppe. In the medium term, the construction of a new fire station west of the terminals is planned.

Stuttgart Airport at night (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Stuttgart Airport at night (Photo: Robert Spohr).